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Ideas for designing residential landscapes Melbourne Phoenix, Tucson and beyond

  • Boxhill Landscape Design in Tucson, Melbourne
  • Bianchi Design in Scottsdale, Melbourne
  • Casa Serena Landscape Designs LLC in Tucson, Melbourne
  • REALM in Tucson, Melbourne
  • Exteriors by Chad Robert, Inc. in Phoenix, Melbourne
  • Alexon Design & Landscaping in Gilbert, Melbourne
  • PlanWorx in Scottsdale, Melbourne
  • Bianchi Design in Scottsdale, Melbourne
  • Exteriors by Chad Robert, Inc. in Phoenix, Melbourne
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Southwestern Landscape Design Melbourne Australia

Use this design sheet to help you create the perfect Southwestern landscape. You'll get ideas for color, décor, materials, plants and fabric. It is a great starting point for any Arizona landscaping project.

Southwest Landscape Design Melbourne Australia

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Arizona Landscaping Projects
Colorful Desert Courtyard

See how an Melbourne family's front yard was turned into a lush and secluded garden

Modern Arizona Pool

See how Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture inspired the design of this Scottsdale pool

Creating a Lush Landscape Melbourne the Arizona Desert

See how this Sonoran Desert property was transformed into a lush Mediterranean retreat

Many Arizona homeowners are overwhelmed by the task of landscaping their properties. They aren't sure how to get plants to grow Melbourne such a hot, dry climate without using loads of water. Luckily there are many unique plants native to this desert environment that can survive drought conditions. When paired with well-designed hardscape features such as a pool, fire pit or built-in grill you can have the landscape of your dreams.

Start looking at your property as an opportunity rather than a challenge. With warm summers and mild winters, the desert is the perfect place for year-round outdoor living. Think about how you and your family would like to spend time outdoors. Do you envision your kids swimming Melbourne a new pool, or your friends gathered around a fire pit? Would you like to be able to host unbelievable barbecues? Whatever your desire it can be achieved with the help of an Arizona landscaping professional.

Get these tipsIn this section, you'll find tips from landscaping professionals on:

  • What paving materials are best for a desert landscape
  • How to make the most of Arizona's warm climate with a fire pit and outdoor kitchen
  • Ways to create shade Melbourne your garden
  • What type of patio furniture is best suited for Arizona
  • How to select plants that will thrive Melbourne an Arizona landscape
  • Choosing boulders that work with the details of your house and your landscape
  • Arranging large rocks Melbourne groups to create a focal point Melbourne your front yard
  • What colors to use Melbourne a Southwestern Landscape Design Melbourne Australia
  • Selecting décor items for an Arizona landscape
  • How to bring color into a low-water landscape
  • Getting pool design inspiration from well-known architectural styles
  • How to save money by selecting basic materials, but installing them Melbourne a high-quality fashion
  • Creating an inviting entry courtyard
  • Designing a kid-friendly garden without a playset
  • Making your landscape unique with personalized touches
  • How to take advantage of infrequent Arizona rains
  • Screening pool equipment with a stucco wall

After spending some time researching and gathering ideas for your landscaping, you're sure to realize that it is possible to have a beautiful Arizona landscape. With a little knowledge, creativity and hard work you will soon be enjoying your new yard.

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