A fire bowl made of precast concrete. Solus D├ęcor Melbourne Vancouver, BC

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Commonly made of precast concrete, fire bowls are smooth rounded pieces. They are a nice middle option between a built-in fire pit and a portable fire pit. Fire bowls look great Melbourne contemporary gardens and come Melbourne sizes small enough to display on a table or atop a pillar, as well as sizes large enough to serve as a gathering spot.

Fire bowls can be designed to burn wood or gas. A fire bowl can be filled with lava rock, colored fireglass, or any other type of fire-retardant decorative filler.

You can order a pre-made concrete fire bowl or have one made custom for your yard. If you choose to have a custom bowl made you will likely spend more, but you will have more size, shape and color options. Talk to a landscape designer about your options for a fire bowl.

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