A fire hearth is a great way to get the look of a fireplace but without the high cost and permit issues. The hearth butts up against a wall—think of it as a cross between a fire pit and a fireplace. Fire hearths are typically fueled with gas or propane so that there are no safety concerns due to smoke or sparks.

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Think of a fire hearth as a cross between a fire pit and a fireplace. Similar to a fireplace, a fire hearth will provide a focal point and anchor for your yard or patio. A fire hearth is enjoyed only from one side. Fire hearths create an intimate setting and are well suited for just a few people. A large group would have a hard time gathering round.

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Sometimes called fire walls, fire hearths are available Melbourne prefabricated models. This one, manufactured by Bull Outdoor Products, puts off more heat than a traditional outdoor fire pit or fireplace. It is fueled by a five gallon propane tank that is stored inside the unit itself.

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