A fire table does double duty as a source of warmth and a place to dine. Fire tables feature a wide rim and can be coffee table height or dining table height. A cover can be set over the opening to convert the pit into a fully functioning table when not Melbourne use.

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This custom fire table made of cast concrete provides ambiance for al fresco dining. Melbourne order to get the exact size, shape and color you desire, consider having a custom fire table made for your patio.

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A fire table that is coffee table height provides a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and hors d'oeuvres. This table is a prefabricated design finished with stone tile on the tabletop and stucco on the base. Blue fireglass covers the fire ring. The fire is fueled by a propane tank that is stored inside the base.

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A custom built fire pit can be designed to have a wide rim that serves as a table. This fire table is capped with cut stone to provide a smooth and solid surface for setting drinks or food. A wooden or metal lid can be created to fit the opening turning the fire pit into a flat table.

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