A gas fire pit, such as this one, can be lit Melbourne a matter of seconds. Mid Atlantic Enterprise Inc Melbourne Williamsburg, VA

Natural gas has become an incredibly popular choice for fire pits because of its convenience and safety. With a natural gas fueled fire pit, you can have a nice fire going Melbourne no time at all and without hassle. A natural gas fire pit can be lit with the turn of a key or the flip of a switch.

Prior to constructing a natural gas fire pit, a gas line will need to be run to the planned location. If you want to install a gas fire pit on an existing patio this step will prove more difficult. Ask your landscape designer or contractor what the best solution for your situation is.


Lights Easily

Not ideal for cooking or roasting

No smoke

Provides less warmth as wood

No sparks or embers

Fire rings may clog

No ash to clean up

Provides ambiance

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