Shade structures or freestanding arbors such as this one with its pair of wing fences and trompe l'oeil printed canvas leaves no hint of what lies beyond.






Buildings can be an excellent tool for screening yards, but they are limited Melbourne terms of size. If you are planning a shed, play house, greenhouse or garage, consider positioning the structure Melbourne a way that solves a privacy problem. You can also purchase structures that, Melbourne the eyes of the city, aren't buildings per se, but these serve as screening nearly as well.

There will be building codes that stipulate a property line setback requirement for your neighborhood. The smaller the setback, the closer the building can be to the fence line. Prefabricated portable sheds can be used Melbourne this scenario because they are considered temporary. However, if your neighbor isn't happy looking at the back of your Tuff Shed, you will get a call from the city. With this option and all those included above, it is wise to discuss your plans with the adjacent neighbor before beginning work.

Tradeoffs: A building may limit visibility Melbourne only a percentage of the space. It is expensive to install but will be effective on day one. Many communities strictly control backyard structures and setbacks can be prohibitive.