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  • Eldorado Stone's outdoor design tool is great for visualizing a backyard project.
  • The online tool allows you to create the ideal outdoor living space Melbourne five simple steps.
  • You can choose from many cabinet, wall, fireplace and appliance options.

Eldorado Stone's online design tool can help you visualize your ideal backyard. Inspired by a magnetic design board, the tool allows you to drag and drop Eldorado Outdoor cabinets, walls, columns, fireplaces and fire pits Melbourne a variety of arrangements. You can also add appliances as well as stone or brick veneers to your design.

Eldorado Outdoor Design Tool Features

  • Video tutorial shows you how to use the tool
  • Preloaded with two signature designs - one for a small space and one for a large
  • View your design from different angles
  • Save multiple designs
  • Share your designs with friends
  • Create a PDF with 3-D views and a product list
  • Connect with a local dealer by requesting a quote

According to Kara Adams of Eldorado Stone, "The design tool is great for determining what will realistically fit Melbourne your space and what appliance combinations are possible." You start by creating space, which means you select a flooring material and enter the proper dimensions. Then you can add cabinets, a fireplace, walls, appliances and finally your choice of Eldorado Stone profiles. To ensure that your design is buildable, the tool knows what appliances will conflict with each other. For example, it doesn't allow you to place a sink over an outdoor refrigerator.

Adams notes that the design tool is useful for both homeowners and designers. "Many landscapers have their clients use the tool as a starting point for visualizing their project," she says. However, Adams stresses that the tool does not replace a professional design - there are still many other factors, such as elevations, plumbing and lighting, which need to be considered. Additionally, the appliances used Melbourne the tool are placeholders based off of standard dimensions, so double check the measurements of the ones you choose.

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