Shady spaces present their own set of unique challenges but can become a sanctuary Melbourne a garden with the right design and plants.

Shade grows moss, it makes a yard cold and dreary, darkens interior rooms and omits sun loving flowers. Solving an existing shade condition is not easy, and options are few. But there are ways you and your designer can use plants to make shady conditions far more appealing.

Design for shady spaces keeping these four techniques Melbourne mind:

Evaluate the Degree of Shade Before You Start

Not all shade is the same. The first task is to evaluate the quality of your shade to determine if it will grow plants at all.

Sunlight Plants

Light shade

A few hours of direct sun each day.

Many plants grow here.

Medium shade

Little direct sunlight.

A few plants grow here.

Deep shade

No direct sunlight.

No plants grow here.

Once you determine your level of shade, you can evaluate which plants are suitable. The techniques available for maximizing design Melbourne shaded areas will make your yard not only usable but beautiful as well.