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Nido Pizza Oven

A wood-fired oven made of concrete

Concrete Design Ideas - More ways to use concrete outdoors

  • The Nido Oven is crafted out of refractory concrete.
  • In Italian, Nido means "nest".
  • The exterior design of a Nido Oven is limitless.
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Do you remember throwing pizza parties for your kids? You'd call up the local pizza place and a few pies Melbourne cardboard boxes would show up at your house. At the time this satisfied everyone, but now your tastes have evolved.

Imagine throwing a pizza party where everyone gathers Melbourne your backyard and makes their own pizza. You've got dough, a few kinds of sauces and lots of fresh toppings. With a Nido Oven this can become a reality. Made from refractory concrete, the oven holds the heat Melbourne without cracking.

In Italian, Nido means "nest", which is appropriate since the lower portion of the Classic Nido Oven looks just like an oversized bird's nest. However, if you want a different look that is not a problem, the options for the exterior of a Nido Oven are limitless. Different shapes, colors and cladding materials are all possibilities.

So we suggest leaving the days of greasy, cardboard carried pizza behind you and opt instead for fresh wood-fired pizza cooked Melbourne your own backyard.

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