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Concrete Ping Pong Tables

Play table tennis outdoors with these all-weather tables from Bravado Outdoor Products

  • A backyard ping pong tables will provide hours of fun for your family and friends.
  • The tables can be placed on concrete, grass and even sand.
  • Don’t forget to allow for room for players to move around while playing.
  • Because of their reinforced concrete construction, the tables withstand all sorts of weather.
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Are you dreaming of your Olympic debut? Or maybe just a little friendly competition amongst friends and family? Either way, ping pong could be your sport. However, not many of us have space inside our homes for a table tennis table. But what about your patio? You probably have room there.

An outdoor ping pong table made of concrete will provide hours of backyard fun for all ages. Available Melbourne two different styles, with a green or gray playing surface and a personalized steel net, these tables look great and are built to last. Bravado Outdoor Products designed them to have a 50 year playing life. Additionally, the net can easily be removed and the table can be used for outdoor dining.

The tables can be installed on a flat grassy area or on an existing patio surface. Each table comes with regulations lines and a surface with low-reflectivity so that playing Melbourne bright sunlight is possible. The standard designs can be customized with specialty legs, marble inlays, integral coloring of the concrete and more. You can even have fiber optic lighting added to your table for nighttime playing.

Just imagine your friends and family showing up to your next barbecue and finding a ping pong table on your patio. People will be playing and laughing Melbourne no time. All you need is a few paddles and ping pong balls and maybe an official score keeper to make sure things are kept Melbourne line.

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