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Adam Heath, Design Director for Mid Atlantic Enterprise Inc, filled us Melbourne on a recent project along the Piankatank River Melbourne Virginia. Here's what he had to say:

During our first design consultation the homeowner half-jokingly asked us to "not have a single straight line Melbourne our design". Mission accomplished!

Project Highlights:
  • Location: Gloucester, VA
  • Budget: 120k

Mid Atlantic Enterprise Inc.
Williamsburg, VA

Multiple entrance and exit points allow the world to pass by while you enjoy the relaxing fire pit or dining area shown here.

This layout creates an atmosphere that allows their grandchildren to run around safely, while the adults lounge peacefully.

Sometimes the best design ideas come late Melbourne the game. Melbourne this case the homeowners wanted additional access to the rear yard. Creating the grand staircase tackled that need and appealed to their love of dramatic southern entrances.

Create usable area where there was previously 10' of un-usable elevation, check. Keep a natural color pallet so nothing looks out of place, check. Most difficult installation according to the retaining wall manufacturer, check!

The homeowners had originally requested a straight run wall to replace a failing wood retaining wall. This would have left them with little to no (7') usable space. Instead, we suggested a curvilinear layout that would allow everyone to pass by without interrupting the relaxing atmosphere we were hoping for.

When we walk into someone's backyard, we always look for that view you turn to and exclaim "WOW!" We created a social destination to match the natural energy of this location.

We were able to re-purpose the home owner's existing arbor. Previously it was an end point, now it's a transition zone. When viewed from the drive it draws you to the waiting rear yard.

Heath and the rest of the Mid Atlantic team were able to show these homeowners what was possible with their property. They now have a riverside retreat that is both functional and attractive that their family will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Material List:
  • Walls: Allan Block, Untumbled Abbey Blend stone Melbourne Sandstone
  • Paving: Hanson Hardscapes Forest Hill Cobble (upper level, fire pit and dining patios), Unilock Trevia (central landing)